Job dissatisfaction is at an all-time high.
I CAN TODAY is a seminar dedicated to helping the 40-60 year old crowd with career redirection and personal fulfillment.

charlotte business workshop
  • Learn to package and brand your unique self

  • Banish the fears that keep you in an unsatisfying career

  • Pinpoint your passion

  • Help you to identify when a career shift is necessary

  • Arm you with the skills needed to orchestrate a smooth career transition

Andy Thomas (author/career coach/motivational speaker) will challenge individuals to pinpoint their passions and pursue their dreams. Utilizing his 30+ years of marketing and sales experience, Andy will introduce practical techniques which will enable you to better orchestrate a career shift.
When the country’s job market suffered a major blow in 2009/2010, Andy Thomas was instrumental in reaching those who had become discouraged. Through a CBS TV-affiliate sponsored tour, Andy hosted seminars throughout the southeast region; deeply impacting unemployed viewers.

Now, Andy has launched a new tour which addresses one of the country’s newest, and most prevalent, issues: job dissatisfaction.

Multi-Media Presentation

Andy has teamed up with singer-songwriter Christopher Paul for this dynamic multi-media presentation.

 Christopher incorporates originally crafted music in addition to sharing his own remarkable story. From performing nationally with country singer Lee Greenwood to resurrecting his career after a nearly- fatal accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, Christopher will rouse the audience with his personal tale of drive, motivation and faith.

 To learn more about Christopher Paul, click here.


Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities Available Now!

This multi-media tour is an extraordinary opportunity for your business to target the 40-60 year old gainfully employed demographic. By becoming a sponsor, this tour can essentially become YOUR event!

By helping to make this event free to the American public, your company will receive:

  • Your name in the tour title (Optional)

  • Signage

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  • Media Attention (TV/News/Radio)

  • Exclusivity

  • Marketing Strategy

  • National appearances

Demographic: Age: 40-60

Job Status: Currently Employed

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charlotte business workshop
When it comes to changing careers, Andy Thomas—career coach and author of The Job I Need, Needs Me—specializes in that which so many fail to grasp: understanding your passion, branding yourself, and landing that career. His background—an extensive mix of sales, broadcasting and career counseling—has allowed him to help thousands of unemployed and employed individuals pinpoint their strengths and find the confidence to pursue their dreams.

He continues his work through his recently launched company, Andy Thomas Careers Now. The Charlotte based company provides individual career coaching, motivational career and business seminars, in addition to his college seminar tour.

Andy has spent his entire career entertaining, motivating and molding audiences in various capacities. He has over 30 years of experience working in radio, television and with digital corporations including: CBS, NBC, Deluxe and Gannett. In 2009/2010, he was hired by CBS TV (Atlanta, Spartanburg and Columbia) to empower unemployed viewers. Using his knowledge of media—as well as his experience as a sales trainer (CBS Radio) and recruiter (Goodwill)—he developed an understanding of what employers want and how to help employees communicate effectively.

His book, The Job I Need, Needs Me, is currently available on Amazon, Nook and Kindle.

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