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Andy Thomas’ impactful message will teach your students how to make the most out of their college education!

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Andy Thomas’ impactful message will teach your students how to make the most out of their college education. Using his past experience in sales and media, Andy teaches students how to stand out from the competition through proper branding and outreach. He urges students to focus on the development of several essential traits: ethics, leadership, mentorship and—most importantly—follow-through.

Key topics include:

  • the importance of internships
  • time management
  • utilizing resources

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Check Out What Andy’s Clients Have To Say

  • “Some coaches are effective because they have been there and SEEN that. Andy is effective because he has been there and DONE that. From direct experience in his own career, and counseling many others, Andy provides straight talk and powerful tools to help you spend more time reaching your goals than talking about reaching your goals.”

    Chris Cooper
    Chris CooperChief Marketing Officer Arterial Health International, LLC
  • "If you ever felt lost in your career goals and looking to give your career another shot, Andy is the man to talk to. When I met him for the first time, he knew immediately that my lack of confidence was my issue in getting the job that I deserved. His aptitude in knowing how to motivate you to become self-confident is just brilliant. Read more...

    Jeff Tokplo
    Jeff TokploIT Helpdesk at NCR Corporation/ MBA Candidate
  • "Andy is so good at what he does that in just one session, I was able to connect with reliable job sources. In a short amount of time, Andy figures out what you need most, and works to make it happen. Thank you Andy for putting the time in to work with me. You're commitment is most certainly paying off. "

    Zev Cheen
    Zev CheenVideo Editor & Grip at Full Scale Productions
  • "Andy Thomas is truly dedicated to helping others when they need it most. The job industry of today is not getting any easier, Andy helps others to see that a setback only sets you up for a great comeback! He motivates his clients to maximize their full potential. I strongly advise anyone who is looking for a Career Coach to look no further than Andy Thomas."

    Chawn Bracey
    Chawn Bracey Social Media & Video Production Specialist, Motivational Speaker

Andy Offers 5 Amazing & Unique Seminars
For Your College Or University

Andy Thomas was responsible for training all new sales recruits on cold calling techniques at CBS Radio in Charlotte as well as digital training of all 48 members of their sales staff. Andy’s college seminars have been recognized by Career Service  professionals as inspirational  and exceptional. His techniques are frequently taught in the classroom once learned via a live seminar. His book The Job I Need Needs Me has been recently reviewed by 18 year career service veteran directors with accolade. Andy is providing five very unique and in demand college seminar topics . His very reasonable rates listed below include an entire day of his services with up to two talks per day and possible one on one career coaching with students. Andy Thomas is one of today’s most dynamic and motivational  career experts with a proven technique that gets results!

  • The Most Important Product In The World

    This talk utilizes Andy’s more than 30 years of experience in marketing and sales. Andy uses his sales training background with CBS Radio and senior digital sales experienced with NBC-TV/Ganett to teach students howto package, brand and differentiate themselves from other applicants. Andy’s copyrighted techniques quickly enable a student to secure multiple interviews and effectively land the job they most desire. These techniques include an internet and non-internet process. Andy has been teaching his approach to his career coaching clients for years with amazing results. Some of this has been featured in his book The Job I Need, Needs Me on Amazon, Nook and Kindle.

  • Understanding The Digital Age Of Marketing

    This presentation gives a up to date overview of marketing process and options that exist currently in this digital age.This is invaluablefor business, marketing and interactive digitalmedia majors. Andy is Google sales certified and has held senior level positions with CBS Radio, NBC TV/Ganett, Deluxe and He can focus on marketing and branding a new business as well as outline all aspects of entering a digital or marketing career. He also can feature a talk which focuses on changes to be noted in the radio and TV industry. Andy has personally worked for 17 radio stations and 2 TV stations in his more than 30 years in this industry. This workshop has also been requested by a number of alumni groups.

  • Becoming A Leader

    This seminar talks about character. It defines leadership. It defines excellence. It teaches how to approach a school year in such away that students benefit from all aspects of the college experience. This talk strengthens students’ ability to set a course of action that will enable them to focus their time and attention on their future. It encourages students to inspire those around them to be part of a team and to achieve goals and value excellence.Andy gives examples of leaders throughout time that portrayed remarkable leadership development early in their college years. He stresses how to remove the fear of failure and gain the ability to envision life at its best. A core message is to follow one’s passion in life and develop an effective strategy that enables you to live your dream.

  • Coaching Your Child To Get The Most Out Of College

    This workshop helps parents to understand their role in being a coach to their children as they go through the college experience. Parents are more involved than ever with their students and yet have difficulty interacting in away that is always well received. Andy’s clientele is frequently recent college graduates who in some cases have not taken advantage of the gift of education from their college. He will outline the importance of internships, utilization of the career services department and help instill a specific path of coaching for each parent.

  • Career Change And Redirection Is Always Possible

    This forum is similar to oneofAndy’s most powerful general public seminars. Andy relates what he has learned in 4 dramatic career shifts throughout his life. He teaches a specific approach of redirection that helps someone who is dissatisfied with their current position. He inspires his audience to appreciate the importance of following one’s career passion. He includes his sales training in helping the audience with specific techniques that will enable employment in the new field they are choosing.


Andy Thomas orchestrated a dramatic change after his 30 year and 17 station radio talk show career. He co-managed a staffing agency for Goodwill Industries and began his career motivational seminars. He rapidly became an amazing career coach, touring speaker and an employment expert featured on television. After his initial tour Andy re-entered the corporate world quickly using his own techniques. His seminars have put thousands of people on the path to career fulfillment; Andy Thomas inspires everyone to focus on their passions and follow their dreams.

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