Andy Thomas provides a power packed team building presentation that will take the fear out of selling digital and show immediate client benefits.

charlotte business workshop

The Seminar Covers:

  • Why digital marketing is critical to your clients

  • Reasons digital sales is critical to your media company

  • Important differences between SEO and SEM

  • Value of display ads on corporate websites

  • Ins and outs of retargeting

  • Benefits of Geo- targeting

  • Value of properly designed websites

  • Key words and how they effect your ranking

  • Selling social media management to your clients

  • Making digital marketing easy to understand for clients

  • Andy Thomas’s LinkedIn sales strategy

When it comes to selling digital there is clearly a sense of trepidation in most standard media sellers. Many of these sales people do everything they can to avoid pitching or becoming an expert in the field of digital marketing. The bottom line is that digital sales is here to stay. Digital marketing is the #1 initiative for all major media companies today. Your media sales representatives are competing against the Red Ventures and ReachLocal groups as well as each other. As a motivational speaker, author, and former digital sales trainer, Andy Thomas knows how to get your team excited and passionate about selling digital. He makes seemingly complicated digital products and services easy for your sales reps to understand and convey to clients. Most importantly he focuses on motivating your sales team.

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Seminar and Workshop Options:

1. Digital Express Seminar

  • one hour digital sales motivational seminar for your sales team

2. Digital Express Seminar and Workshop Package

  • one hour Digital Express Seminar

  • a workshop on LinkedIn and cold calling strategy

3. The Digital Elite

  • includes The Business Positive Seminar for entire staff (see attached page)

  • the Digital Express Seminar with the digital sales team

  •  a workshop on LinkedIn and cold call strategy for sales reps

4. The Digital Ride Along (add-on by the day):

  • one hour digital sales motivational seminar for your sales team

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Andy Thomas’ Credentials:

Andy Thomas made the switch to digital sale at the age of 50, and went on to be a digital specialist with Gannett /NBC TV and digital sales trainer with CBS Radio .His digital background also includes direct SEM sales for YP.COM and Deluxe. His radio background alone spans more that 30 years and 17 radio stations.

charlotte business workshop
  • Created and marketed a statewide syndicated show
  • Successfully self-marketed to become one of South Carolina’s most beloved radio personalities
  • Successful on-air broadcasting career in Buffalo, NY (America’s 31st largest market at the time )
  • Created and marketed a statewide syndicated radio show on 10 stations. Sold advertising to national companies and government agencies. Andy managed the sales team that brought in major buys from the US Army.
  • Launched the very first teen-run radio talk show which gained national attention in Seventeen Magazine.
  • He has managed staffs of over 23 people
  • Launched three companies
  • Recently used by CBS Radio in Charlotte as a sales trainer teaching cold calling techniques. Responsible for training all 48 sales reps on digital sales processes.
  • Has more than 15 years of radio sales experience (this includes Clear Channel Radio and Apex Broadcasting)
  • Launched seminars on behalf of Goodwill. These seminars served as the inspiration behind a tour with CBS TV in Atlanta; one which culminated in 17 seminars in 7 US cities in 2009 and 2010.
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