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Andy Thomas Corporate Seminars

Power-packed team building presentation that will improve employee engagement, enhance employee morale and increase productivity. Andy calls this “The Business Positive”

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Employee engagement and fulfillment is a critical component to corporate and life success.  Helping your employees and association members reach true life and career fulfillment can make the difference in growth.  Andy Thomas inspires everyone to take a deeper look at their career passion and drive.  By further addressing the items that often trouble employers and employees, his seminar series provides insight into some of the issues that keep companies stagnant.  Keep in mind that part of what makes Andy Thomas so unique as a speaker is his work as a nationally leading career coach to some of America’s top executives.  He is helping to guide the careers of Global Directors, Vice Presidents, CEOs of some of America’s most well-known companies on a regular basis.  Helping these executives navigate their corporate challenges gives Andy valuable insight that he shares in large group settings including crowds to date as large as 1200.  “Dealing With Corporate Change” is Andy Thomas’s most requested subject as well as his latest seminar entitled “The Journey Of You.”  This new seminar in the series focuses on striving for personal and professional fulfillment and how each individual can build positive attitude toward company changes and live a fulfilled positive life. Andy is a frequently requested speaker with major corporations such as Ingersoll Rand and Grant Thornton on subjects such as “Work Life Balance” and “Dealing with Corporate Change” as well as other employee engagement subjects. Andy Thomas recently achieved rave reviews for his National Keynote at Virginia Tech‘s April national health conference in Roanoke on “The Fulfillment Health Factor” in front of an esteemed crowd of 300.

Andy Thomas was hired as the keynote speaker for the 2016 National Health Outreach Conference.  Not only did he fulfill the terms of our agreement, but he went above and beyond to provide additional support our program team and conference attendees, as he facilitated a pre-conference session and shared a brief report from the meeting in an inspiring way from the main stage.

Over my professional career, I have had the opportunity to hear and learn from many motivational speakers.  This professional speakers’ arena has a number of players to choose from, but selecting Andy for our conference this year proved to be a fantastic decision.  Direct and transparent to work with, Andy and his team did their due diligence to prepare for our audience and address them in a way that was motivational and resonated very well.

Well-situated humor, a fantastic speaking voice, and true-to-life examples made Andy’s stories compelling and allowed his shared message to be triumphantly conveyed.

I highly recommend Andy Thomas!

Megan Seibel ,Valor Program Director,Virginia Tech


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  •  The definition of leadership and mentorship in a unique and motivational way
  • Finding a mentor within the company
  • The difference between being a worker and a passionate expert on your company’s product
  • The importance of managing up
  • How to better communicate with management
  • How employees represent the brand and how their actions affect the brand


  • Andy provides custom material based on the individual interview of your president, owner, or manager


  • Changes: How do I deal with change in the company?
  • Personal & Personnel: How do I work to make sure my personal issues don’t impact me professionally?
  • Shift Over: How do I decipher if it is time for a position/career shift? How do I handle this gracefully?
  • Balanced Life: How does a satisfying work environment affect my health and my home life?
  • How do I communicate and manage stress?
  • Roles & Goals: What is the importance of placing employees in the right positions?


  • Motivation to see your role in the larger picture
  •  Andy’s formula for happiness at work no matter what your position



Andy Thomas Motivates 1200 in Audience

More Than Just A Great Voice, Strong Speaker, And Dynamic Message: Andy Thomas Is Extraordinary Because Of His Executive Career Coaching.  He Coaches   8-10 High Level Executives Daily.  He Understands What Creates True Engagement.

Contact Andy or his Event Coordinator directly at 704-280-8420, For more information about Andy Thomas click here.

  • Andy uses his personal experience in the corporate world—NBC TV, Gannett, AT&T, CBS Radio and Clear Channel
  • Andy Thomas is one of the nation’s leading career coaches of top executives with a constant caseload of 60 clients
  • Andy’s coaching has included Global Directors,Vice Presidents, and Senior Managers from companies such as Chiquita Banana, IBM, Bank Of America, etc.
  • Andy provides tools which are beneficial to both the employee and employer
  • Andy’s background consists of management, sales training, sales and programming
  • Created and marketed a statewide syndicated show
  • Successfully self-marketed to become one of South Carolina’s most beloved radio personalities
  • Successful on-air broadcasting career in Buffalo, NY and Scranton, PA
  • Created and marketed a statewide syndicated radio show on 10 stations. Sold advertising to national companies and government agencies.  Andy managed the sales team that brought in major buys from the US Army
  • Launched the very first teen-run radio talk show which gained national attention in Seventeen Magazine
  • He has managed a staff of over 23 people
  • Launched three companies
  • Recently used by CBS Radio in Charlotte as a sales trainer teaching cold calling techniques. Responsible for training all 48 sales reps on digital sales processes
  • Additional sales experience includes: NBC TV/Gannett in Charlotte and Deluxe Digital
  • Has more than 15 years of radio sales experience (this includes Clear Channel Radio and Apex Broadcasting)
  • Was sales manager of Good People Staffing in North Charleston, SC
  • Launched seminars on behalf of Goodwill. These seminars served as the inspiration behind a tour with CBS TV in Atlanta, one which culminated in 17 seminars in seven US cities in 2009 and 2010
  • Author of “The Job I Need Needs Me” on Amazon, Nook and Kindle
  • Corporate speaking clients include Ingersoll Rand, Grant Thornton, Virginia Tech, NC Propane Gas Association, SC Pest Control Association, Gardner Webb University, Armstrong State University, Regus
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